The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC is a successful litigation firm serving real people in Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colorado, and elsewhere in Texas and Colorado. We are in the business of solving serious problems and making our clients' lives easier. We have a wealth of experience resolving complex matters related to man-made and natural disasters, personal injury, construction defects, product defects and insurance claims.

Our main practice areas include insurance litigation, mold and foundation claims, defective construction lawsuits, wildfire/mass tort claims, products liability claims and personal injury cases. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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Since 2003, The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC has represented clients who have been ignored or injured by insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, construction companies, trucking companies, electrical cooperatives and negligent drivers. We work hard to get our clients the best possible results. We can give you the honest, practical advice you are looking for.

Founding attorney David C. Wenholz has been practicing law since 1990. After working for two large Texas firms, he decided to open his own firm to concentrate on helping ordinary people and small businesses protect their rights and solve their legal problems.

Perceptions About Lawyers | Honesty, Professionalism And Teamwork

Being the first lawyer on either side of his extended family, Mr. Wenholz knows firsthand how some folks feel about lawyers and about our justice system. This background has shaped the way advice and counsel is given at the firm — in a straightforward, practical, respectful manner. Mr. Wenholz firmly believes that the lawyer and client should be a team, with the lawyer clearly understanding his role to be honest, professional and to fully inform the client so the client can make sound decisions about his or her case.

The firm's Austin, Texas, offices are accessible to local, state and federal government buildings and courthouses.

Our Boulder, Colorado, office is conveniently located on Pearl Street.

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