Fred Coogan

Fred Coogan

Boulder, Colorado

Educational Background
Fred Coogan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987 and
earned his law degree at Baylor University School of Law in 1992.  Fred is
a certified mediator. He is licensed in Texas, Colorado and Mississippi.

Legal Background
As a young lawyer in the firm Bernsen, Jamail & Goodson LLP, Fred became the first lawyer to successfully try a lawsuit against AMTRAK related to safety of passenger car exit doors.  He went on to serve as legal counsel for State Senator David Bernsen during which time he drafted legislation, served on senate committees and negotiated changes to existing legislation. In 1998 Fred Coogan formed Bell, Turney, Coogan & Richards, LLP  and has since then worked as equal equity partner at Hilgers, Bell & Richards LLPand Coogan & Associates PC before Joining The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC in 2014 as of

Fred enjoys and participates in a wide variety of outdoor sports.  As an
outdoor enthusiast as well as an avid runner and cyclist, he has a unique
skill set in representing injured athletes.

Areas of Practice

  • Civil litigation
  • Bicycle litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial litigation
  • Real estate
  • Personal injury
  • Insurance coverage
  • Product liability
  • Employment law
  • Sexual harassment
  • Insurance bad-faith
  • Condemnation litigation