When A Storm Causes Devastation

Recent history has shown us the devastation that a hurricane or other wind storm can cause — even a storm with a lower rating. From the destruction of homes and the loss of property to the loss of life, your life can change overnight when a serious storm happens.

If a disaster has affected your family or your business, you may be busy picking up the pieces. The last thing you need is hassles and frustration with a wind storm or hurricane insurance claim. If you've tried unsuccessfully to resolve a hurricane claim on your own, you may have reached a point where you need the assistance of an experienced attorney. At that point, you should talk to us.

Ready To Solve Serious Problems

The Austin, Texas-based The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC can help you deal with the frustration that can come with a disaster claim related to hurricanes and wind damage. We concentrate on helping individuals, families and businesses solve serious problems related to insurance and major losses:

  • Denied claims
  • Underpaid claims that fail to cover the actual cost of repairs
  • Delayed response by insurance companies
  • Issues with homeowners insurance policies

Our lawyers are knowledgeable, reliable and decisive. We know how to get results.

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Many people are hesitant about lawsuits, and we understand that. However, many of our clients don't know how to fight back when their insurance companies refuse to cooperate. We can help you understand your legal rights and your options for solving your particular problem. We offer a free consultation.

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