Since 2005, the Wenholz Law Firm has been representing residential and commercial clients with disaster claims. Over the past 12 years, the Wenholz Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients who have been struck suddenly by fire, hurricanes, flooding, and storms. When left struggling to rebuild, the victims of disaster can turn to the Wenholz Law Firm.

Bastrop Complex Wildfire

Following the worst wildfires in the history of Texas in 2011, the Wenholz Law Firm was hired by dozens of families with aggregate claims amounting to approximately $50,000,000. These families trusted the Wenholz Law Firm to help them recover for the loss of buildings, vehicles, equipment, improvements to homes, personal property, family heirlooms, diminished fair market value of land, personal injuries, serious third-degree burns and wrongful death of loved ones. After battling utility companies, tree inspection subcontractors, and vegetation management contractors, our clients collectively reached settlements with all those involved.

Below is a copy of the Master Petition that was used to outline the allegations against Asplundh Tree Experts and BBEC, as well as some other helpful documents. If you have any questions about the case or have any difficulty accessing these documents, please let us know.

Master Petition
Forest Service Report
Personal Property Inventory Form
Exterior Building Questionnaire

Spicewood Wildfire Litigation

The Wenholz Law Firm has also represented and successfully settled individual loses suffered in the Spicewood Wildfire located in Travis County, Texas. In this matter, we worked closely with dozens of law firms representing individual plaintiffs to develop the facts, hire experts, investigate and prove causation, develop damages, and negotiate settlements with the largest electrical cooperative in the country, as well as a nation-wide cell service provider. These cases were also settled for confidential amounts to our client's satisfaction.

Below are links to documents important to the Spicewood Springs Wildfire litigation.

Fire Marshal Report

California Wildfires

The Wenholz Law Firm is currently investigating claims for homeowners devastated by the California Wildfires and is partnering with Kaiser Gornick, LLP, a nation-wide litigation firm based in San Francisco with a superb track record of representing people hurt by big business.