Problems With Insurance Companies

Bad Faith Claims

Did you know that insurance companies must treat you fairly and in good faith during the entire claim process? Yet, we all know insurance companies are not in the business of giving away money. So, if they are supposed to treat us like neighbors, why do they make us feel like the enemy?

It could be that key decisions are being made by poorly trained and overworked adjusters. If an insurance adjuster violates the three D's on your claim (is dishonest, disrespectful and denies your claim), you may have grounds for a bad faith case. The Wenholz Law Firm strives to hold Insurance Companies accountable to the standard of good faith and fair treatment – that's our policy.

Property Damage Claims

A typical homeowner's policy is more than a dozen pages of single spaced legal-ease that is a tangled web of contradictions. It contains conditions to satisfy prior to coverage, specifically defined covered "occurrences" and exclusions to coverage. Heck, even most lawyers have trouble answering what is and isn't covered.

It is not surprising that insurance companies capitalize on this confusion when they explain why your claim will not be paid or make you feel grateful for even a grossly inadequate payment. At Wenholz Law Firm we will cut through the coverage double talk, help explain the traps and let you know what you should expect on your claim.

Errors & Omission Claims

Insurance is the safety blanket we buy to sleep better at night. Insurance agents sell us this sense of security and are responsible for protecting our property. Inevitably, after a disaster, though, the attorneys at Wenholz Law Firm hear from consumers who are shocked to learn the policy they thought they bought does not exist or does not provide the coverages they were promised. Fortunately, most agents normally have insurance of their own called Errors & Omission (E&O) coverage. Making a claim against the agent's E&O coverage may be the only "Plan B" when your agent is negligent.

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