What If I Didn't Have Enough Insurance?

When it comes to serious hazard and loss claims, there are many anxiety-provoking issues. One of the most complicated issues is inadequate insurance coverage or the fear that a lapse in coverage means you won't get the help you need.

You may need to talk to a lawyer about underinsured losses or other insurance coverage problems that you know you can't solve on your own. At The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC, based in Austin, Texas, and Boulder, Colorado, a lot of people ask us what they can do if they were uninsured.

Helping Families And Businesses Solve Complicated Insurance Problems

Our firm is in the business of solving complicated problems related to insurance and insurance claims. Our attorneys concentrate on insurance matters related to disasters, losses and injuries. We can advise and represent you if your case involves:

  • A claim that was denied because you were supposedly not covered
  • A type of loss that wasn't covered in your specific policy
  • A mistake or oversight by your insurance agent
  • Loss related to a fire or flood
  • A hurricane or other serious natural disaster
  • Water damage that affected your home or business
  • Your homeowners insurance or renters insurance

Every case is different. Every insurance claim is different. Get legal advice from an experienced attorney if you think you need it.

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The question, "What if I didn't have insurance?" can reflect a variety of problems for you as a homeowner or business owner. Talk to an attorney at The Wenholz Law Firm PLLC about your legal questions. We offer a free initial consultation.